KKK-Call-Joey Camp-Denver-CO

Serial harasser, Joseph “Joey / Jojo” Anthony Camp of Denver, Colorado called the Ku Klux Klan in 2014. Joey wound up having a 38 minute long phone call with (now) murdered KKK Imperial Wizard, Frank Ancona.

Full Audio below:

In the phone call, Joey describes in detail, how he, along with a coordinated network of other people (including lawyers), leverage the legal system to identify anonymous and pseudonymous people. (Portion transcribed at bottom of this post)

The call was initially shared on Soundcloud (Archived), linked to Twitter (Archived) & website (Archived) by the late Jay Leiderman and stored by Bullyville. Leiderman was a long-term target of Joey Camp’s harassment, but more importantly, a lawyer of and friend to many others.

Journalist and activist, Barrett Brown released a portion of the audio on Twitter (Archived), today, in response to Joey Camp falsely claiming credit for Brown‘s May 2021 arrest.

From Twitter:

Partial transcription from video version:

00:03:14 Camp, in reference to Jay Leiderman: “He promotes this illegal outing of peoples’ names and addresses and phone numbers and information” Ancona then asks Camp if there is legal recourse.

00:03:43 Camp: “what we end up doing is we file a restraining order against them locally and then we file the restraining orders against them in the state that they’re in, so this one would be in California against Jay Leiderman.”

00:04:04 Camp: “Then during the restraining orders, you have an attorney or somebody subpoena the records for the accounts. It’s more important to get the records than it is to get the actual restraining order at the end of the process.”

00:04:20 “Then, with the information that you get from the restraining orders, you file lawsuits for harassment, defamation of character. Such like that.”

Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights (TAK – KKK): Asks Camp if he would be willing to help an attorney if they hire one.

00:04:42 Camp: “Yes. We have lots of attorneys and lots of tools. We put the victims all together.”

Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights (TAK – KKK): asks if there’s a way to contact the attorneys on the website Joey is referencing.

00:04:56 Camp: “No. You can contact me. (Pause @ 00:05:00)

00:05:04 Camp: “…all of the people who’s names are in the document. So if you look at the court documents on the site, you’ll see the names of the attorneys as they pop up. All of the attorneys do work together together to share information you know, it’s not unheard of for the attorney in California to hire attorneys (sic) and the attorneys in this state or that state. So they’re definitely open … all of the victims, regardless of your beliefs or nationality or whatever, to put them in touch with all of the attorneys to share information, and then we put the information on this site, so that attorneys dont have to pay for it. They can do less work throughout their investigations.”

00:05:58 end transcription.