Claude Gary Thomas Jr – Detroit MI – Birmingham AL

Content Warning: This entire post contains written description of violence, violent threats, bigotry & sexual assault.

Claude Gary Thomas Jr aka 313Bloc, has spent the better part of the last year, making threats of violence, including sexual assault, harassing antifascists (primarily women), and using dozens of different sock accounts to do it. As he states:

His stated intention appears to be to create fear in order to disrupt peoples’ real life. Primarily he targets activists in Portland, OR, while he sits in Detroit, Michigan and Birmingham, Alabama.

Claude has been relentless in his approach, each time losing an account, creating more in it’s place.

  • Name: Claude Gary Thomas Jr
  • Age: 50 years old
  • DOB: March 1971
  • Location: Detroit, MI
  • Secondary Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Aliases: Gary Crenshaw, Claude B Thomas, Claude Thomas, Claude G Thomas Jr, Claude G Thomas, Gary C Thomas Jr, Gary C Thomas, Gary Claude Thomas Jr, Gary Thomas Jr, Gary Claude Thomas Jr, Cool Deveinc Breeze, David Montague

Claude got a warning when being pulled over for speeding in Illinois on October 25th, 2021. He posted the a screenshot (non-redacted) on Twitter. This post confirmed previous identification of Claude.

Claude has has posted extensively, unsolicited and @ the population of people he claims to be intentionally targeting in an attempt to intimidate. Many of his posts are about sex, sexual assault, and contain misogyny, ablest slurs and other forms of bigotry.

Coupled with Claude’s sex and sexual assault descriptions, are posts about violence. He talks in relative depth about learning how to kill at a young age, starting with animals. He posts pictures of ammunition, knives, etc… and discusses droning groups of people.

Claude also posts about putting “Jew stars” on people. This is a reference to the holocaust and Nazi era Germany. The image he posted below contains a collage of photos used quite frequently by neo-Nazis (including politician Paul Nehlen), to target journalists and tie their rhetoric back to conspiracy theories.

Claude doesn’t seem to differentiate between insulting and denigrating women, even when it’s his wife.

  • A list of SOME of the Twitter accounts Claude has used to target, harass and threaten people with, using social media:
  • username: bloc_claude
    • twitter_id: 1389526730143150081
  • username: AisleyJamee
    • twitter_id: 1429605626859110406
  • username: Beverly313bloc
    • twitter_id: 1428475838979350529
  • username: Pamela26873915
    • twitter_id: 1348286963741323266
  • username: 313blocX
    • twitter_id: 1403471762235535365
  • username: Bloc313
    • twitter_id: 1404182450033528837
  • username: lulzsexC
    • twitter_id: 1366525066926817283
  • username: zoya365_gallery
    • twitter_id: 1445473523577724938
  • username: DetroitNft
    • twitter_id: 1438122831473221638
  • username: inc_idc
    • twitter_id: 1448992931654811661
  • username: hosea_4
    • twitter_id: 1449519549683048449
  • username: 313_outwest
    • twitter_id: 1450988543401082881
  • username: pdxyum
    • twitter_id: 1451365238696071175
  • username: cheesemanoregon
    • twitter_id: 1451595519294259202
  • username: pussywrecknft
    • twitter_id: 1452086077313802247

Based on Claude’s descriptions of his past, his ongoing behavior and nature of his threats, we believe he is an active threat to the community.