Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson – Tampa FL

This is Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson of Tampa, Florida. In 2019, neo-Nazi & FBI informant Jordan, live-streamed himself.

He encouraged his followers, calling for armed insurrection; calling for those who hear his voice to grab their rifles and march on the National Mall (DC).

“We need to march on the national mall with violent intent.”
“It’s time to start putting our bullets where our mouths are.”

In addition, Jordan has run a variety of neo-Nazi and fascist accounts across multiple social media sites. So many, we’re
positive we didn’t get them all. They’ve got something in common though – death to communists (in this case meaning
liberals, leftists and antifascists), because Jordan is a self-identified fascist. He’s also an anti-government extremist with
some serious anger issues.
His dossier is linked below. Between the time the dossier was released and the release of the audio at the bottom (Dec 2019), Jordan had been questioned by the FBI and took a selfie at the FBI field office. He posted it to Telegram, and shockingly, he didn’t get the loving reaction he expected from his Nazi friends.

Dossier: Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson, Tampa Florida

Jordan’s confession to being an FBI informant and colluding with the FBI to entrap a leftist and have them sent to prison, and using this to try to gain sympathy from his Nazi friends on Telegram to explain his involvement with the Feds

Nicholas Lim Vancouver WA

Let me share with you one of the Washington State tech guys who is responsible for keeping Nazis, terrorists & pedophiles online. Nicholas Andrew Lim.


“QAnon/8Chan Sites Briefly Knocked Offline”

Nick Lim (or, Twitter-ish @LimTheNick) has made a concerted effort in the name of FrEe SpEeCh to keep 8chan in the child porn and terror plotting business. Or maybe he thinks they’re trading cookie recipes on their message boards?

“8chan back online under the name 8kun”
“Founder of local software company VanwaTech appears to play role in re-emergence of website”

Nick Lim owns several businesses. Most of them are registered to the same address per the Washington State Department of Revenue. There’s a link below. You could type in Last name: Lim First name: Nic and just see what comes up in the search!

Nick Lim should stop licking fascist boots and shut down those god-forsaken channels, as he’s decided to insert himself at a terrible time, in the middle of terrorists and pedophiles – both of which 8chan is absolutely infamous for growing and spreading.

For additional context on the same topic: Read our article about Rob Monster, another Seattle area tech Christian Supremacist and modern day silicon valley neo-Nazi

John Jared Santoro Springfield MA

Republished with permission of the author.

Today I’m proud to introduce you to John Jared Santoro aka J-SpLit aka Dino Spumoni of Goytalk. John is a resident of Springfield, MA by way of NY, RI, and Chesapeake, VA.

John turned 34 last Tuesday, so this will be my belated birthday present.

John Jared Santoro is best know for his cringe bigoted videos.

John Santoro of Springfield, MA is a real piece of human garbage.

Before he was Dino Spumoni of Goytalk, John was a rapper that went by J-SpLit.

J-SpLit hated fake artists that used “GIMMICKS” to make money, which might be the funniest intro to Dino ever. Beyond parody.

9 years ago, John Jared Santoro was a college student in NYC who went to class, smoked a lot of weed, and rapped.

Ohh-Fish-Al ** J-Split ** Fan Page on Facebook Watch
John Santoro in this video looks and sounds a lot like his Dino Spumoni persona that he assumes later. All that’s lacking are racist lyrics and white supremacist fans.

J-Split ft Chrissi “American Demon” ((Rekademix Beat
John suffered a couple of suspensions and returned to Twitter back in July. It was a mistake.

8. His current Twitter @Dino__GT used to be the one associated with ZeenTeam.

ZeenTeam was a partnership between John Jared Santoro as J-SpLit and his friend “Kid Genius”.

It wasn’t hard to find all of the accounts associated with ZeenTeam and figure out which one of the two rappers was doing Goytalk.

It looks like he was having a lot more fun back when he was just rapping and smoking a lot of weed.

He was definitely interested in creating a brand and marketing his stuff, but somewhere between 2014 and 2017 he went into the racism deep end. There’s a clear gap that I can’t account for.

He even had John Mayer on a song, for what that’s worth.

aMeRiCaN dEmOn

15. Thanks for the full bio Dino.

Who protects us? WE PROTECT US

Proud Boys btwirp Twitter & IG Data

“Brandon Elliott”

Open source social media data retrieval from Twitter and Instagram:


Content here:

Rob Monster Sammamish WA

Did you know that Rob Monster, the CEO of EpikDotCom…the domain registrar for Gab, The Daily Stormer, Incels dot co etc, is also protecting sites dedicated to doxxing Antifascist activists?

Context: Drain the web-host swamp

Robert “Rob” William Monster

Business address (according to Washington State business registry): 3832 234th Ave Se Sammamish, WA 98075-6310

Article: HuffPost

“The Bible-Thumping Tech CEO Who’s Proud Of Keeping Neo-Nazis Online Rob Monster claims he helped resurrect Gab because of his commitment to free speech.”

“He also has a lot to say about Jews.”

Article: Southern Poverty Law Center

“Quietly, a small domain registrar called Epik is cornering the market on websites where hate speech is thriving.”

Article: Seattle Times

Seattle-area company helps fringe site Gab return in wake of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Article: Southern Poverty Law Center

The website for the Daily Stormer, the white supremacist, neo-Nazi and antisemitic racist group, has lost access to a critical piece of web infrastructure that allows the general public to access its hate propaganda easily.

Article: Mic

“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell uses Gab to threaten reporter covering Charlottesville trial

Some of Monster’s social media: 

Businesses registered to Rob Monster:

  • Business Name: EPIK HOLDINGS, INC.
    • Unified Business Identifier (UBI) 602976304
    • Registered Agent Name ROB MONSTER
  • Anonymize, Inc
    • Robert Monster
    • 2014-04-18
  •, LLC
    • Corporation Service Company
    • 2008-09-11
  •, LLC
    • Rob Monster
    • 2008-06-10
  • Monster Venture Partners, LLC
    • Fairchild Record Search, Ltd.
    • 2007-05-07
  • Epik Inc.
    • Rob Monster
    • 2004-06-11
  •, LLC
    • 3832 234th Ave Se, Sammamish, WA 98075-6310
    • Rob Monster
    • 2008-06-10
  • Traveler. com, LLC
    • 155 108th Ave Ne Ste 810, Bellevue, WA 98004
    • Rob Monster
    • 2008-06-06
  • Epik Inc.
    • 3832 234th Ave Se, Sammamish, WA 98075-6310
    • Rob Monster
    • 2004-06-11


Scott Edward Chapman Franklin TN

Republished with permission of the author.
Meet hate group Identity Dixie member Scott Edward Chapman aka FatherDabney aka GrandDabney of Franklin, TN.
Currently Scott Chapman of Franklin, TN is posting under GrandDabney. The reason is because last year he deactivated when I outted him, then started another account.
One of the ways I originally identified Scott Chapman was his old blog, which included a bio and a photo.

Another way I identified Scott Chapman is via his daughter Caroline.

@carolinechap can you get your dad to stop posting propaganda from the hate group he’s in? Thanks!


His son Zac is also on Twitter. Hey @Chapman_Z31 is also on Twitter.

Come collect your bigot father please.


Scott Chapman went to a high school named after the first leader of the Klan and that stuck with him apparently.


I’d post more bio on him, which I have in plenty, but is it really necessary? Nah, Caroline knows he dad posts vile shit on Twitter even if she doesn’t know his new account.ImageImageImageImage

Scott Chapman of Franklin, TN loves to post the antisemitic “merchant meme” because he’s antisemitic yet not very creative.ImageImageImageImage

Scott E. Chapman of Franklin, TN despises African Americans and likes equating them to chimps.


Scott Chapman also fondly recalled for us that time he assaulted two African American women 19 years ago.
Scott E. Chapman also likes Nazi salutes and HH, which is “Heil Hitler”
Scott is a big time fan of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and of League of the South leader Michael Hill.
He shares all of his favorite hate sites with his followers.
Scott Chapman attends @CStonePres, who doesn’t seem to care about a white supremacist in their congregation.

Scott loved the UniteTheRight white supremacist rally and the fear the Nazi torch rally put into minorities and marginalized communities.

He also supported the violent white supremacists when they got arrested later.


Words do mean things Scott Chapman and you do deserve accountability.

You wanted a better adversary then fled when you got one. I expect you’ll tuck tail and run again.

Lol yep I’m still around. Will you be? 🤔
I’ll end with this ironic post. Tell Missy and the kids I said hi.

Dillion Buck Knowlton Fort Collins CO

Reposted with permission of the author.

Originally I was just going to grab your face so people knew who was streaming near them

Then you went and escalated, posting a video of you fondling your walmart deerhunter special.

So, Dillion Buck Knowlton of Fort Collins, Co. Here I am.

I know this is just your sad attempt to drum up controversy and pick a fight with mean old antifa to drive traffic to your website.

Generally I dont respond to small fish trying to make their bones off of me.

However, you have my full attention.Image

Life is tough for a poor musician who works for his dads painting business. I know the white identity movement and Alex Jones gives you a whole lot to feel proud of.

Yet you remain a pretty sad example of an America that failed you. In another place, we could have been friendsImage

You chose to side with fascism. You decided to back an ideology that directly and specifically aims for the extinction of my friends and community.

Doesnt work on Vermont Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado or in Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest is closed to fascistsImage

Please scurry on home to Colorado. Maybe stop in Loveland and get some life advice from Buck and Megan. Your dad obviously let you down somewhere, but maybe he can make it up to you.

He does effectively pay your bills, since he employs youImage

Your virulent conspiracy theories and backing of fascist ideologies makes you either a sad dupe who actively supports people who want to murder your wife and friends (the wedding looked nice, btw) or you are actively a nazi.

Wave your flag elsewhere.Image

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. 29 is young yet. I know the world is a confusing, fucked up place.

If you are just a sad mark, taken in by Alex Jones and right wing media like TPUSA, turn back. There is still time to be a decent human being

If I am wrong and you are actually a fascist, you will find no succor and no haven in our city.

Nazis get the boot.

We closed the door to fascists.

Ask the local proud boys and chuds we chased off.

This is not a threat. This is the reality of the Pacific Northwest.Image

Make the wise choice. Stop filming and go home. No one wants to hurt you or cause you grief.

You haven’t done anything to earn our wrath.

Film protestors, faces and endanger our community? That will change very quickly. We will defend ourselves, vigorously and directlyImage

Seattle is not the place for you to try to make yourself famous at the expense of our most vulnerable community members

Your hateful ideology is not welcome here

Renounce your pseudo-conservative views & learn to help & protect people?

I will buy tickets to your first showImage

Continue down the path of hatred and intolerance?

You will find one of us explaining the Paradox of Tolerance to you directly and forcefully.

Go home, Dillon Buck Knowlton. Take Cole Evanek with you. Unless he wants to film a video as well. His file is next to yoursImage

“Conservative” Instagram Accounts

We’ve heard a lot from the alt-right (coughs in conservatives somewhere) about their desires for free speech. Typically this means they’d like to or are planning to launch a violent, disparaging, hateful assault of some sort, whether it be in propaganda, with physical violence, or coordinating these sorts of activities.

So with that in mind, here are some free speech advocates’ Instagram accounts: