Jason Hunter – Jacksonville FL

Meet Jason A. Hunter (DOB: 07-21-1996) of Florida’s chapter of League of the South; an SPLC designated hate group and wanna be rent-a-cop.


We are going to start this dossier a bit differently than status quo. To understand context, this video is key.

Toward the end, you can see Jason A. Hunter nonchalantly lift his pepper spray, and release it directly into the victim’s face.

CONTENT WARNING: Hate, Violence, Physical assault.

Archive of N2S Video evidence (Source – FAIR USE)

Here is a screen shot, originating from Facebook three days after Unite the Right.

Unite the Right was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally held in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th, 2017.Counter protester Heather Heyer was murdered by a neo-Nazi member of Vanguard America at this rally.

In the week after Unite The Right, Jason posted photos glorifying the League of the South and showed no remorse for anything that happened.

Several other Florida LoSers, including Jason, mocked a woman pushed into a group of LoS henchmen at Unite the Right. She was punched in the face repeatedly by one member, pushed to the ground by another and callously pepper sprayed at close range by Jason (after seeming to pose no danger to any).

The comments appear under a news screenshot posted by Tampa Bay’s League of the South Chairman, Andrew Tracey. Those commenting on the post are well known, and relatively well documented LoS White Supremacists: Clinton McCook, Brandon Richie, Andrew Tracey, and now, Jason A. Hunter.

On October 28, 2017 Jason shared photos he took at the white supremacist rally in Pikeville, KY. It’s clear that 10 weeks out from Unite The Right he was willing to spend time and money to make a daylong trek each way for another potentially violent white supremacist gathering.

Here is Jason telling his FB friends to get on a League of the South live stream (in June 2016)

Here is Jason’s pick-up truck, which frankly, isn’t hard to spot.

More to come, soon. Our biggest question is – how did Jason get licensed (which we verified) in the state of Florida to become a security guard, after this was sitting plain as day on his public Facebook Profile?

You know that old saying about Cops and Klan? Names change. That hasn’t.

Gregory Flowers Clarksdale MS

Original article republished with permission. Identify Dixie.

This dossier covers racist, southern nationalist, groyper, and scion of cotton plantation money Gregory Flowers.

You may have seen him as @Gregorio_Based, shit-posting away on Twitter.

His main Twitter account is @Gregorio_Based, but he also has @dmgfjr22.

@Gregorio_Based was @DMGFjr22 until several months ago and the current @dmgfjr22 was @dmgfjr81

This is still out there today in a reply to him.

Greg’s brother @z_flow52, sister @agflowers, mom @msugraciegirl, and dad @dmgflowers are all on Twitter and have tweeted to or at Greg. Surely they saw Greg’s tweets in their news-feeds.

Here is Greg using HH, which if you were unaware means Heil Hitler.

Greg also likes celebrating Hitler for anti-Semitism. Bankers, in racist circles, is code for Jews.

109 countries is a popular anti-Semitic trope about Jews being kicked out of 109 countries. Greg wants them kicked out of America.

Greg believes Jews are subversives and parasites, while innocent Anglos are the host.

The 6 gorillion is a holocaust joke in racist circles about the number being made up.

Greg also has no sympathy for homosexuals that get sick and die. He routinely espouses homophobic views.

He likes making fun of African-Americans and if those blacks “chimp out” he’s happy to shoot them.

Greg also likes to make lynching jokes. For those that weren’t aware, Mississippi had the most lynchings in the United States. Greg, his family, and most of the state are aware of this.

Greg believes that immigrants are non-people.

It all comes down to Greg believing he’s the Master Race. He believes Jews, African-Americans, and immigrants are all lesser or even non-people.

Why are these lessers and non-people a problem for Greg as a shining example of the Master Race? Because Greg doesn’t want whites to share power with those people.

Third position is fascism. He likes other fascists like Ford, lucky Lindy, and George Lincoln Rockwell.

Greg is a proponent of violence as a solution. How does Greg Flowers of Clarksdale, MS feel this violence should be directed?

Ultimately, Greg wants boogaloo. Boogaloo is slang for a civil war, but it’s almost always uses as another word for Rahowa in the south, which means racial holy war.

Greg is very proud of his family’s cotton plantation.

Famous bluesman Big George Brock worked on the Flowers Plantation in his youth and describes it in some detail.

To summarize, Greg is extraordinarily racist and desires civil war in America. Those that he hates: Jews, African-Americans, homosexuals, immigrants, and others. “They” are his enemy.

Shortly after this information was published via thread on Twitter, Greg’s entire family blocked the author and most locked their accounts, or changed their usernames.

Simon Michael Dickerman Tampa FL

Republished with permission.

Simon Dickerman is an outspoken fascist, and white supremacist activist. Simon was an active participant in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, attended the White Lives Matter
rally in Shelbyville, TN and a flash mob / white nationalist protest at Burnette Chapel in Antioch, TN the following day. His activity in the White Supremacist community, especially online, continues today.

Documents continue – links below.

PDF – Simon Dickerman – White Supremacist & Unite the Right attendee – Tampa Florida

Original URL: https://fashfinder.blackblogs.org/simon-dickerman/

Max Karim Phoenix AZ

Meet Max Karim from Paradise Valley, Arizona. AOConlyfans, BetrayedVal and YungMax_ – a member of the atrocious Incel laden, bigoted, misogynistic and anti-Semitic “Groyper Army“.

This is Max. Max played Basketball for La Verne in Southern California. Now according to his posts, he’s attending an MBA program.

At CPAC 2020, Cassandra Fairbanks posted a picture with a tall lad and a frog face.

She posted to twitter, then deleted right afterward. Suddenly, BetrayedVal temporarily deactivated his account, then reactivated and changed his username to AOConlyfans. Oops.

Fairbanks isn’t the only F list celebrity Max has taken pictures with, however. Below you can see him with Laura Loomer, who will probably get more attention with this mention than she has in a month, after being banned from virtually every social media platform.

Max knows a lot about doxxing. In fact, he’d like to see some women fully doxxed so he can “marry them”.

Max has made a running offer to his ever-growing following to reveal his face at 8k followers and at 10k, will post his full legal name. Fortunately, this should save him some work and shit-posting time.

Max is familiar with Siege; a book written by AtomWaffen Division Idealogue James Mason. Siege is extremely popular with neo-Nazi accellerationists.

Compared to the majority of his amphibious counter-parts, Max is careful in his posts. Though, in this case, the imagery he uses is with Donald Trump with a (originally Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad), now co-opted to be neo-Nazi slogan.

However, LIKE every other member of the Groyper Army this writer has encountered, Max brings with him, some deep seeded racism.

Max posted about his new “My Racist Podcast” on SoundCloud multiple times. We have not been able to locate it, nor have many who have responded on his page. It appears to be fascist irony.

Content warning. Hate. Violence. This is Max espousing violence and hate regarding the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. He does so using rap lyrics.

Here’s Max stating “Reclaim your basketball court, white man” like something out of American History X. This same “Reclaim” (your birthright, and other variations) theme is also present in a variety of neo-Nazi memetics.

Max also appears to love Incel culture. He quotes Ben Shapiro in previous posts and then proceeds to post screen caps of what appear to be misogynistic and pro-rape lyrics with commentary: “Factual”.

Then continues tweeting about gaming.

You can see Max espouse his disdain for the LGBTQIA community here:

Max referring to lying about being a Trump supporter to allegedly get laid:

At the same time, using a picture with a fake headline about Trump signing the “Emancipation Proclamation”; one of the more offensive references he’s made.

Max decided to post a three second Instagram video, linking it to his Twitter account and showing off his basketball skills (below):

The Instagram post the tweet links to:

The video inside the Instagram post:

Here is the archive link that ties Max’s Twitter ID (393463966) to his first username: YungMax_

Max, as mentioned on ESPN

Max’s Instagram account (archive here, detailed below)

Max’s Instagram and Twitter posts in CSV, image / video and PDF formats: https://archive.org/details/Max-Karim-Groyper-Army-Phoenix-AZ

Credit in large part to “The Beast” for content & contribution.

May 2020 – News Updates

5/22 – AtomWaffen Division Leader Kaleb Cole wants out of jail after letting Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh take the rap for some of his federal gun charges. You can shut off the lights, Kaleb.

5/22 – Former SC teacher accused of hate group ties may be linked to more social media posts