Tim Manning Columbia SC

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Tim Manning AKA SCNazi is the Nazi who gloriously fucked up the Airbnb accommodations for the #UniteTheRight white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017.

Tim Manning of Columbia, SC

Tim Manning goes by SCnazi on Twitter, the TRS forums, the Daily Stormer Book Club forums, and on Soundcoud.

Say hello @SCnazi

4) Tim uses an AVI that’s the state of South Carolina with a palmetto tree and the Nazi SS symbol.
We know it’s the right Tim Manning because he joined the Identity Dixie Smokehouse vetting group in Facebook. This screenshot is from an archive of that vetting room taken in early July 2017.
6) That photo is still used on his Facebook profile that now lays dormant.

Tim also has another Facebook profile that’s currently in use.

We will return to this later.

Tim’s Discord account was captured in the @UR_Ninja Discord Leaks. You can view all of his posts in the link.


Tim was coordinating the accommodations and travel for his fellow Nazis in the South Carolina chapter of the Stormer Book Club.
Stormer refers to The Daily Stormer, which is an infamous Nazi website.
Tim’s “fake shower rooms” reference is about the fake shower rooms the Nazis used to gas Jews in the death camps.

You can also search all posts in the @UR_Ninja Discord Leaks with his username linked here:


One of the comments, from a friend of his tells you about his background and bonafides.

“Dude, you have no idea how much @SCNazi does for this movement, and has done for his whole adult life.”

According to Tim’s active Facebook page he currently works at Pleasant Hill Middle School outside Columbia, SC.

On their Twitter page he gets a welcome aboard tweet from the account.

PHMS Cougars@PHMSCougars

Welcome to the family, Tim Manning!

View image on Twitter


Tim Manning, a proud Nazi, is a coach on the school’s Girls Volleyball Team.

PHMS Cougars@PHMSCougars

Lady Cougars 3-0 vs Carolina Springs! Thanks Coach Tim Manning and Coach REDACTED! ????????????

4:48 PM – Sep 25, 2018

Tim is a middle school Social Studies teacher.

The link is to the contact page for the staff of the school.


Prior to teaching at Pleasant Hill, he was a teacher at Crayton Middle School in the same district.
Here are some other pictures of Tim from his Facebook accounts.
My personal favorite is this hot little number.

My question is will @LexingtonOne school district and @PHMSCougars tolerate a Nazi who has been in the hate movement his who adult life as a teacher?