Jason Moore River Oaks TX

Republished with permission of the author.
Jason Moore of River Oaks Texas appears to be preparing to attack activists and demonstrators in or around the FT Worth area.ImageImage
He is a member of the Texas Elite 111% Militia and appears to have ties to more overt white supremacist groups (note the Kek flag in the previous photo and the Valhalla symbol in this one)ImageImage
His online rhetoric has become increasingly violent over the past several daysImageImage
And it is clear that he is encouraging others to take action with himImageImage
Jason also has connections to law enforcement in addition to his militia membership.ImageImage
He has been involved in recent actions around Texas and has been active amongst the far right since at least 2017ImageImage
But his increasingly strident rhetoric is cause for alarm and people in and around the FT. Worth area need to be aware. These are his business vehiclesImageImage
And he may also be driving these vehiclesImageImage
Here are more photos of himImageImageImage
We keep us safe!