Facebook Boogaloo Igloo market and trade

Data first, context follows.
Tonight is show & tell about #BoogalooBoys #BigIglooBoys. We’re especially going to talk about the (yeah they’re racist), white supremacists, & III%ers in Hawaiian shirts showing up to #NewHampshire #BlackLivesMatters rallies with AR-15s.
Facebook is running ramping with these groups, which I’ll share more about momentarily.

This is just one. It’s new, and it already has almost 1000 members.

Choice comment that will resonate in the bottom of the last pic here.


Context on the #BoogalooBoys #BigIglooBoys / #Boogaloo movement that has been (and will continue to be) compiled over time.

Thread is 30+ tweets, but highly recommend browsing through to get an idea of scale and scope.

To start off with the “Igloo market and trade” group, we’re going to start off with their moderators and admins – the ones who started their Facebook group.

Right side has their AVIs / Display names, left side has their account URLs.ImageImage

More members (this is going to go on for a minute)ImageImage
There are a lot more in this exact, same format.

That isn’t the point.

The point is, these groups are co-opting Black Lives Matter protests. They’ve spend the last few years training in PsyOps (Psychological Operations & Manipulation).

I’m speaking generally and painting with

a wide brush, so please excuse that, but in this case – generalizations in my opinion, are a LOT more reliable than trying to “feel out” each individual person.

My advice is to keep armed white folks, wearing body armor & Hawaiian shirts, who affiliate with known racists,

and white supremacist groups, THE FUCK away from people you care about.

I’m not slicing and dicing the “Not all cops” or “Not all Boogaloo Boys” game. You’re an intelligent person – you want to do that, that’s your call.

These folks have a large sympathetic relationship

building point. They hate cops. They want to destroy the government, or “Take back their country” (which, sorry libs – that means from you) and enjoy their Anarcho-Capitalism “Don’t tread on me” Tea Party bullshit.

Synonyms for AnCaps: Greed enthusiasts & opportunistsImage

So in a minute, with this context, I’m going to add this group to an ongoing list of these sorts of groups we pick up from time to time.

Take a look at the documentation if you like. At very least – be on the lookout.

Solidarity. Be safe.
Love > Hate


This one is an Instagram drop & 250K tweet, Twitter dataset from the hashtag Boogaloo (and CivilWar2).