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Thread. @RightWingWatch and a few others have done a fantastic job covering racist Jaden McNeil. Fascists don’t deserve platforms and folks need to know about this guy, so following are a few of my notes/opinions/observations.

Right Wing Watch


K-State staff, students and athletes are speaking out after a student with ties to the white nationalist movement made racist remarks. Since then, far-right leaders have explicitly ordered their followers to harass critics of the student.https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/kansas-state-america-first-students-leader-condemned-for-racist-comments/ 

Kansas State ‘America First Students’ Leader Condemned for Racist Comments | Right Wing Watch

Staff, students​, and athletes at Kansas State University are speaking out again against​ Kansas State student Jaden McNeil, a leader within the white nationalist youth movement, after McNeil…


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⚠️CONTENT WARNING: Hate. Celebration of death. Coordinated cyber-harassment (RAIDs) from Telegram⚠️

We hope action is taken at @KState to both inform them (again) of Jaden’s racially based hate & demand action be taken.

Context: Anti-Semite, bigot, “America First” fascist & Unite the Right attendee Nick Fuentes (of LaGrange Park, IL) was the “Groyper King”.

He’s washed up and done. He is now neutralized for the alt-right b/c of his documented anti-Semitism & hate.

.@JadenMcNeilsMom has a solid run down on him.

Courtesy of @IGD_News

It’s Going Down@IGD_News

Good run-down here on “Jaden McNeil, a “groyper” activist and leader of the Kansas State University (KSU)-based America First Students (AFS)” and why Baked Alaska hasn’t left white nationalism. https://www.irehr.org/2020/02/27/an-affinity-for-bigotry-jaden-mcneil-of-america-first-students/  https://twitter.com/JadenMcNeilsMom/status/1271504863973666816 

An Affinity for Bigotry: Jaden McNeil of America First Students ⋆ IREHR


Tammy McNeil@JadenMcNeilsMom

I really wish Jaden wouldn’t hang out with such terrible people. From left to right, Shawn McCaffrey, Patrick Casey, my little Jaden, and Anthime “Baked Alaska” Gionet.

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Here’s what Jaden is up to as of TODAY & YESTERDAY.

This could platform a bit of his activity, but visibility & documentation are needed so action is taken.

Hate based on country of origin, BLM, women, etc…Image

Mocking African-Americans.Image
Jaden sent the tweet below, which ⚠️content warning⚠️ is horrific. What’s worse is that he doubles down and triples down on it.

Then he starts attacking (and in concert with Nick Fuentes on both Twitter and Telegram), trolling/mocking anyone who dare criticize them.Image

Here’s a bit of Jaden’s commentary as a result of some of the blowback. He makes the bigoted observations below regarding anyone in his mentions being a homosexual or a women.Image
Here is Nick Fuentes giving specific direction to his followers (primarily Groyper army) to “Go in here and give them hell” – I won’t repeat the rest of his horrible comment.

Jaden McNeil immediately shares this post in his TG channel, sending the same message to his audience.Image

Here is Jaden amplify more commentary of Fuentes, and give very specific instructions on inciting a (racist) troll storm to “Ratio” people.

At bottom, Jaden is even amplifying a message about “GROYPER WAR: KANSAS STATE” from Fuentes. He’s attacking his own school & classmates.Image

Oops (interpreted as irony in this case, knowing very well the social media manipulation power some in the alt-right who amp these messages, hold).

Then he posts @KState‘s own tweet. My interpretation “Do something about it, I dare you!”Image

Can parents feel safe with their kids at KSU?