Alexander Dugan Ridgewood NY

Republished with permission of the author.
Let’s give a warm welcome to yet another neo-Nazi and member of Nationalist Social Club-131 (NSC)!!! Here we have Alexander Dugan, a longtime neo-Nazi bonehead who spends his time between Ridgewood, New York, and eastern Massachusetts. Say hi!!!!
Alex was not hard at all to find through his beloved social media handle @/racboston1. Accounts belonging to Alex under this username can be found on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram. A number of the accounts are connected to his name.
Alex’s online presence confirms that Alexander Dugan is his real name and his location in the Northeast United States. Originally from Boston, Alex is 38 years old, and we were able to confirm his name and birthday using public records.
Alex is a longtime bonehead and fan of neo-Nazi hardcore/ Oi music, and frequently posts neo-Nazi content. Notice his use racial slurs and the totenkopf used by Hitler’s SS, as well as his love of the UK neo-Nazi band Screwdriver.
Alex has also spent time organizing with neo-Nazi groups. He can first be found in a Telegram chat of Northeast U.S. neo-Nazi’s dubbed The Organization. The Organization was led by New Hampshire neo-Nazi Zypher Garrison, who was exposed by @161EUG…
Garrison was a member of the neo-Nazi terror group Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), and through The Organization chats, launched a shortlived and failed neo-Nazi group called Natural Order. Natural Order/The Organization crumbled after Garrison was exposed.


Alex’s affiliation with NSC are pretty obvious, given the fact that he posted him making large amounts of NSC propaganda stickers. He can also clearly be seen in NSC propaganda photos, recognizable by his bright blue and white nike sneakers.
It doesn’t take a lot of digging to see that this same pair of shoes comes up numerous times in Alex’s social media posts. They are also distinctly recognizable in several NSC propaganda pictures.
Here Alex can be seen painting neo-Nazi graffiti in Worcester, Massachusetts, and shooting guns in the woods of New Hampshire with other NSC members.
Alex is currently unemployed and as mentioned earlier, spends time living between Ridgewood, NY, and eastern Massachusetts.
Alexander Dugan is clearly a neo-Nazi and an active member of NSC. He is actively organizing with violent neo-Nazis and communities around both Eastern Massachusetts and Ridgewood, NY should be aware of Alex’s neo-Nazi activism.
Just as a side note, while Alex’s name certainly does very similar to the Russian neo-fascist intellectual Alexander Dugin, this is just an odd coincidence.