Propagandist Exploitation Austin TX

Alt-right propaganda & an identity. Time sensitive & disturbing content. So, CONTENT WARNING.

#RestInPower #GarrettFoster, killed in Austin, TX at a #BLM protest last night.

His homicide is seemingly being used to accellerate political tensions by the far right.

Context: Ian Miles Chong broadcasts a video and statement that is absolutely inaccurate.

The source of the video can be seen below (InTheMatrixxx – a 250K+ follower QAnon account).


InTheMatrixxx has a TON of social media pages. Their most useful list in this case was from Youtube.

Note the name “Jeffrey Pedersen”. I thought this was BS, but…I would have been mistaken.


Searching, some pictures quickly showed up of a Jeffrey Petersen with Bill Mitchell, Anne Vandersteel, etc.. (note the QAnon #s)ImageImage
In this Tweet by Jeffrey Petersen, you can see at the top, I archived the tweet that was RT’d by InTheMatrixxx

(Yes, that’s Donald J Trump Jr w Jeffrey Petersen, who apparently decided to use his personal twitter account to post, QAnon to amplify)


You’ll notice Jeffery providing some tax shelter advice to BardsFM in this post. Simple 501c3. He also states that he’s currently working with (Jerome) Corsi.


Someone remembered to hit the archive button.

Petersen Family Foundation Facebook Page.

Hi Jeffery Pedersen of Sun City, Florida AKA InTheMatrixx.

He did certainly change up his own personal FB page however.ImageImageImage

The organization was easy to locate, as were their Tax Returns from the IRS website since they do, in fact, have a 501c3. Looks like Jeffery moved from “Director” in 2017 to “President & CEO” of their non-profit in 2018.

⚠️That appears to be a balance of $1.85M EOY 2018⚠️ImageImage

Here are most of Jeffrey’s facebook likes, which tie it all together, twice.

The first account he followed with his personal account, was also “InTheMatrixxx“.

They adjusted the story afterward. This is a side by side comparison.

The damage was done in real time. This young man’s facebook page and the internet are covered in absolute filty, disgusting commentary.


This is the alt-right propaganda machine.

Fiction is spun to reality through lies. I saw it during the assault on cider riot & when Ngo had a lactose incident

.@Twitter banned 7K+ #QAnon accounts but missed .@intheMatrixxx

SHAME on grifting opportunists

One note – Jeffrey Pedersen is the correct spelling. It’s misspelled in the thread above (t vs. d) twice. Apologies, but now you know.