Cordell Abney Dayton TX

Republished with permission of the author.
Today I’d like to introduce a very special neo-Nazi Groyper from Dayton, Texas, near Houston. Please say hello to Cordell J. Abney, better known by his Twitter/Telegram alias “Sam Houston”. Let’s get to know Corey a bit better shall we :-)?
Corey is probably most recognizable for his semi-prominent Groyper Twitter account. He also runs two smaller Twitter accounts, one of which is a backup Groyper account, and the other is an account focused on anti-semitic conspiracy theories
The Groyper movement is a mainly online white supremacist movement centered around white supremacist figure and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Corey is not really centered around Fuentes, but nonetheless is very active and well networked in the wider Groyper movement.
Given the fact that Corey still pretty much considers himself a Groyper, you can read more about the Groyper movement here:…

(CW: slurs)

In fact, Corey is much more extreme than much of the Groyper movement. His posts on Twitter are telling of his extreme racism, anti-semitism, and homophobia. However, his Telegram is far more telling of Corey’s genocidal and violent neo-Nazism.

(CW: slurs, violence)

As advertised in his twitter bio, Corey runs a small Telegram channel where he creates and reposts material ranging from stylized pictures of Adolf Hitler, praise for violence and genocide, and veneration for white supremacist mass shooters/bombers.

It is fairly obvious the Telegram channel is his as well, given the fact that he claims/advertises it on his Twitter account, posts about his Twitter/Sam Houston identity on the Telegram channel, and the operator of the channel is clearly Corey’s “Sam Houston” psudonym
Corey also documents on his Telegram channel that he and his wife (who we’ll get to in a minute) showed up to a Houston #blacklivesmatter protest and harrassed protesters. He supposedly yelled racial slurs at protesters, although this has not been 100% confirmed.
In addition we got an unexpected surprise! It looks like Corey is a hugeeee fan of the neo-Nazi group Nationalist Social Club (NSC). He reposts on twitter and Telegram many of their propaganda/recruiting photos, and seems to be friends on Twitter with Chris Hood, the founder
We are not sure if Corey is an actual member of NSC/NSC Dixie, but it is very clear he is somewhat affiliated. You can read more about NSC here:


Now you may be asking how do we know all this is Cordell Abney? Well…a researcher simply struck up a conversation on Twitter and found out themselves! Much thanks to the anonymous tipster for giving us this info !!! (all screenshots posted with the researcher’s permission)
From Corey’s snapchat and other info, researchers were able to confirm Corey’s identity. From there we were able to find some of his personal info verifying claims such as his residence history, occupation, and identity. Notice his Facebook also features Groyper animations.
His wife, Carrie A. Abney, also runs a white nationalist Groyper Twitter account. It is far more tame than Corey’s but among dumb frog memes still features racism, anti-semitism, and Holocaust Denial
Corey and Carrie Abney live in Dayton, Texas. As seen in earlier screenshots, Corey is employed as a Fiber Technician installing fiberoptic cables. According to this post by Corey on a petition, it appears that Corey was employed by @DIRECTV and its owners @ATTImageImageImageImage
Corey is married and has children but is also apparently on Tinder… We know this because he often posts on Telegram the private information of Tinder users he comes across and doesn’t like/ queer Tinder users.
We are unsure if Corey is still employed there but feel free to politely ask @ATT @DIRECTVService if Corey J. Abney, a violent and explicitly genocidal neo-Nazi is still working for them!
To close, Corey and, to a lesser degree, his wife Carrie are neo-Nazis who explicitly advocate for and praise mass violence and ethnic cleansing. This is not only extremely concerning for nearby communities but also a real danger.
now for some ACTION ITEMS!!!
-PLEASE spread this and let communities in and around Houston know about Corey’s violent and genocidal Nazi ideology
Also lets have a laugh at how fucking stupid Corey was to try to make a white supremacist fashwave edit out of an ELZN photo, which for those who don’t know, is an socialist/anarchist group from Southern Mexico comprised mainly of non-white indigenous peoples.Image