Dillion Buck Knowlton Fort Collins CO

Reposted with permission of the author.

Originally I was just going to grab your face so people knew who was streaming near them

Then you went and escalated, posting a video of you fondling your walmart deerhunter special.

So, Dillion Buck Knowlton of Fort Collins, Co. Here I am.

I know this is just your sad attempt to drum up controversy and pick a fight with mean old antifa to drive traffic to your website.

Generally I dont respond to small fish trying to make their bones off of me.

However, you have my full attention.Image

Life is tough for a poor musician who works for his dads painting business. I know the white identity movement and Alex Jones gives you a whole lot to feel proud of.

Yet you remain a pretty sad example of an America that failed you. In another place, we could have been friendsImage

You chose to side with fascism. You decided to back an ideology that directly and specifically aims for the extinction of my friends and community.

Doesnt work on Vermont Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado or in Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest is closed to fascistsImage

Please scurry on home to Colorado. Maybe stop in Loveland and get some life advice from Buck and Megan. Your dad obviously let you down somewhere, but maybe he can make it up to you.

He does effectively pay your bills, since he employs youImage

Your virulent conspiracy theories and backing of fascist ideologies makes you either a sad dupe who actively supports people who want to murder your wife and friends (the wedding looked nice, btw) or you are actively a nazi.

Wave your flag elsewhere.Image

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. 29 is young yet. I know the world is a confusing, fucked up place.

If you are just a sad mark, taken in by Alex Jones and right wing media like TPUSA, turn back. There is still time to be a decent human being

If I am wrong and you are actually a fascist, you will find no succor and no haven in our city.

Nazis get the boot.

We closed the door to fascists.

Ask the local proud boys and chuds we chased off.

This is not a threat. This is the reality of the Pacific Northwest.Image

Make the wise choice. Stop filming and go home. No one wants to hurt you or cause you grief.

You haven’t done anything to earn our wrath.

Film protestors, faces and endanger our community? That will change very quickly. We will defend ourselves, vigorously and directlyImage

Seattle is not the place for you to try to make yourself famous at the expense of our most vulnerable community members

Your hateful ideology is not welcome here

Renounce your pseudo-conservative views & learn to help & protect people?

I will buy tickets to your first showImage

Continue down the path of hatred and intolerance?

You will find one of us explaining the Paradox of Tolerance to you directly and forcefully.

Go home, Dillon Buck Knowlton. Take Cole Evanek with you. Unless he wants to film a video as well. His file is next to yoursImage