Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson – Tampa FL

This is Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson of Tampa, Florida. In 2019, neo-Nazi & FBI informant Jordan, live-streamed himself.

He encouraged his followers, calling for armed insurrection; calling for those who hear his voice to grab their rifles and march on the National Mall (DC).

“We need to march on the national mall with violent intent.”
“It’s time to start putting our bullets where our mouths are.”

In addition, Jordan has run a variety of neo-Nazi and fascist accounts across multiple social media sites. So many, we’re
positive we didn’t get them all. They’ve got something in common though – death to communists (in this case meaning
liberals, leftists and antifascists), because Jordan is a self-identified fascist. He’s also an anti-government extremist with
some serious anger issues.
His dossier is linked below. Between the time the dossier was released and the release of the audio at the bottom (Dec 2019), Jordan had been questioned by the FBI and took a selfie at the FBI field office. He posted it to Telegram, and shockingly, he didn’t get the loving reaction he expected from his Nazi friends.

Dossier: Jordan Randle Ryan Roberson, Tampa Florida

Jordan’s confession to being an FBI informant and colluding with the FBI to entrap a leftist and have them sent to prison, and using this to try to gain sympathy from his Nazi friends on Telegram to explain his involvement with the Feds