Gregory Flowers Clarksdale MS

Original article republished with permission. Identify Dixie.

This dossier covers racist, southern nationalist, groyper, and scion of cotton plantation money Gregory Flowers.

You may have seen him as @Gregorio_Based, shit-posting away on Twitter.

His main Twitter account is @Gregorio_Based, but he also has @dmgfjr22.

@Gregorio_Based was @DMGFjr22 until several months ago and the current @dmgfjr22 was @dmgfjr81

This is still out there today in a reply to him.

Greg’s brother @z_flow52, sister @agflowers, mom @msugraciegirl, and dad @dmgflowers are all on Twitter and have tweeted to or at Greg. Surely they saw Greg’s tweets in their news-feeds.

Here is Greg using HH, which if you were unaware means Heil Hitler.

Greg also likes celebrating Hitler for anti-Semitism. Bankers, in racist circles, is code for Jews.

109 countries is a popular anti-Semitic trope about Jews being kicked out of 109 countries. Greg wants them kicked out of America.

Greg believes Jews are subversives and parasites, while innocent Anglos are the host.

The 6 gorillion is a holocaust joke in racist circles about the number being made up.

Greg also has no sympathy for homosexuals that get sick and die. He routinely espouses homophobic views.

He likes making fun of African-Americans and if those blacks “chimp out” he’s happy to shoot them.

Greg also likes to make lynching jokes. For those that weren’t aware, Mississippi had the most lynchings in the United States. Greg, his family, and most of the state are aware of this.

Greg believes that immigrants are non-people.

It all comes down to Greg believing he’s the Master Race. He believes Jews, African-Americans, and immigrants are all lesser or even non-people.

Why are these lessers and non-people a problem for Greg as a shining example of the Master Race? Because Greg doesn’t want whites to share power with those people.

Third position is fascism. He likes other fascists like Ford, lucky Lindy, and George Lincoln Rockwell.

Greg is a proponent of violence as a solution. How does Greg Flowers of Clarksdale, MS feel this violence should be directed?

Ultimately, Greg wants boogaloo. Boogaloo is slang for a civil war, but it’s almost always uses as another word for Rahowa in the south, which means racial holy war.

Greg is very proud of his family’s cotton plantation.

Famous bluesman Big George Brock worked on the Flowers Plantation in his youth and describes it in some detail.

To summarize, Greg is extraordinarily racist and desires civil war in America. Those that he hates: Jews, African-Americans, homosexuals, immigrants, and others. “They” are his enemy.

Shortly after this information was published via thread on Twitter, Greg’s entire family blocked the author and most locked their accounts, or changed their usernames.