Robert Donovan McEwen TN

Republished with permission of the author.
Robert Donovan of McEwen Tennessee is an avowed white supremacist, employee at @QuadGraphics has a @Facebook account for his Nazi flag business and declared that the only “good BLMer is a buried BLMer”ImageImage
He posts in the “American Guard” Public chat and recently showed up at a Nashville BLM protest for #GeorgeFloydprotest making his comments that much more concerning. (AG is a @splcenter designated hate group)
On his FB page he advertises hate group merchandise for “the kids”, and which links to his shop where he sells Nazi flags, all of which is just fine with @Facebook
Robert Donovan has involved with organized white supremacy for years and has appeared at Nazi rallies in support of Richard Spencer. We alerted @AskPayPal about their enabling him to raise money. They have done nothing.Image
Robert’s locked down his twitter account and is on FB. ICYMI he once registered “Final Solution” because he is a NaziImageImage
Here is Robert Donovan at a recent pro-pandemic rally in Tennessee…
Action Items. Message @QuadGraphics
Contact them here…
This is Robert’s @Facebook for his Nazi flag page. You can report and message FB and ask FB not to continue to platform white supremacists
Contact @AskPayPal @Visa @Mastercard and demand that they no longer assist Robert with making money off his Nazi flag business.
Spread the word. Deplatforming Nazis is community defense.