Tom Weeks Bellingham WA

Republished with permission of the author.

Meet Tom Weeks of Bellingham WA and owner of “Weeks Custom Carpentry.” Two days ago he tried to drive through protestors at a #BLMprotest in the city.Image
According to witnesses, he drove towards the crowd and continued to drive into the demo. Luckily, nobody was hurt.Image
Tom Weeks wasn’t done though. He posted a self-serving and false narrative about the incident that certainly make it seem as if his presence at the rally wasn’t an accident.Image
Bellingham has been the scene of large protests against police brutality since the murder of George Floyd #GeorgeFloydProtests…
But, none of the media reports match up with Weeks account of rampaging anarchists taking over the downtown area. Weeks made it up.
Looking through his social media profile, we get a clue about his possible motivations to do so. Dogwhistle white supremacist hand gesture.Image
Some of his own friends question his account of events on FB and he pushes back referencing the “Proud Boys”Image
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