Bill Whicker Hillsborough NC

Last night, a handful of “Proud Boys” showed up in DC to share urine and do racism. They should have stayed home. Meet Bill Whicker of Hillsborough NC.ImageImage
Bill did not wear his latex Polo while riding rented scooters around DC and doing sad faced group photos, which is unfortunate. “Couldn’t be happier”Image
Bill and other NC “PBs” were recently in Raleigh NC, at a George Floyd protest harrasing demonstrators as documented by¬†@dhostermanImageImage

Going to say that it is not a coincidence that a gay bar whose owners were shot at by police for assisting George Floyd demonstrators was hit with racist graffiti the night the PB’s were in town


“Proud Boys” and racism go hand in hand. In a now deleted episode of the “Sloppy Bro Show” NC “PB’s” use the “n-word” laughing about “token” black members, and using anti-gay slurs. Not long after, a long time black member of the NC PB’s quit the group.Image
Bill Whicker keeps getting kicked off the Facebook and keeps coming back only to get kicked off again. Can’t imagine why.Image
The FB page for his business is downImage
He may be working for his Daddy who might not be so “POYB”¬†considering his son’s priorities seem to revolve around being in what amounts to a white supremacist gang.