Eddie George Jr Miami FL

Eddie George Jr’s Facebook Friends & some media files: https://archive.org/details/eddie-george-jr.-proud-boys-washington-dc-2020-07-04

Hello Proud Boys’ Eddie George Jr of Miami, Florida, I can say a few things here, but I’ll start with – you too, should have stayed in Florida.
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But nooope! Here we go… h/t @sirtou2Image
Roger Stone fanatic, Infowars connoisseur, fan of whatever that Rooster is that they like so much…ImageImageImageImage
More Roger stone, boating with a Proud Boys flag (keep that boat safe), and meme of Trump’s face on the most ungodly of Mt Rushmore images.ImageImageImageImage
Eddie smilin’, more Infowars, more Stone.ImageImageImageImage
What a true “American Patriot”. “Proud Boys for Trump 2020” – no shit. Y’all ever been for anything else except assaulting those who politically disagree with you under the guise of “Speech”?ImageImageImageImage
Pop a bottle! Looks like they stayed at the Trump DC last night. How fitting. I’m sure it was super-nice (check the sheets).ImageImageImageImage
Pictures from the Trump DC today, but more importantly of the Proud Boys’ elders shown in the second photo.ImageImageImageImage
Looks like Eddie is REAL good buddies with Henry (Enrique) Tarrio – the head of the Proud Boys.ImageImageImageImage
Live-stream from last night. SO PROUD. PS – You left so much incriminating shit on your Facebook videos that it’s going to take us a minute to finish processing it.

Thanks bruh. No fap now, ya heard?

Eddie George Jr’s Facebook Friends & some media files are already loaded here.

Miami, Florida – heads up!