Nicholas Lim Vancouver WA

Let me share with you one of the Washington State tech guys who is responsible for keeping Nazis, terrorists & pedophiles online. Nicholas Andrew Lim.


“QAnon/8Chan Sites Briefly Knocked Offline”

Nick Lim (or, Twitter-ish @LimTheNick) has made a concerted effort in the name of FrEe SpEeCh to keep 8chan in the child porn and terror plotting business. Or maybe he thinks they’re trading cookie recipes on their message boards?

“8chan back online under the name 8kun”
“Founder of local software company VanwaTech appears to play role in re-emergence of website”

Nick Lim owns several businesses. Most of them are registered to the same address per the Washington State Department of Revenue. There’s a link below. You could type in Last name: Lim First name: Nic and just see what comes up in the search!

Nick Lim should stop licking fascist boots and shut down those god-forsaken channels, as he’s decided to insert himself at a terrible time, in the middle of terrorists and pedophiles – both of which 8chan is absolutely infamous for growing and spreading.

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