Nicholas Lim Vancouver WA

Let me share with you one of the Washington State tech guys who is responsible for keeping Nazis, terrorists & pedophiles online. Nicholas Andrew Lim. 2020-10-20 “QAnon/8Chan Sites Briefly Knocked Offline” Nick Lim (or, Twitter-ish @LimTheNick) has made a concerted effort in the name of FrEe SpEeCh to keep 8chan in the child porn and …

American Nationalist Movement – Facebook Presence

American Nationalist Movement – Admins, Members, Posts in both image & PDF format, here. Contents: Publicly available and sourced info, including Friends, Followers, Group Members and Admins from Racist Facebook page “American Nationalist Movement” Pages included: Context for data drop: Frequently, we see things we wish we didn’t have to. Unfortunately, it’s …

American Coalition Party Instagram Connections

Instagram American Coalition Party Friends & Followers Open sourced. PDFs of Friends & Followers

May 2020 – News Updates

5/22 – AtomWaffen Division Leader Kaleb Cole wants out of jail after letting Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh take the rap for some of his federal gun charges. You can shut off the lights, Kaleb. 5/22 – Former SC teacher accused of hate group ties may be linked to more social media posts