Fascism in the United States – July 5th, 2020

Welcome to 2020.

The over ton window has shifted:
– Racism & bigotry mainstream? They’re not hiding anymore.
– Leftists? Terrorists or commies.
– Democrats? Responsible for world hunger
– #BlackLivesMatter? Uh, “Antifa terrorists” ????
– PoC with guns? Black Panthers.

– White Supremacy? Openly embraced by government officials
– Cops? Expected to attack and beat citizens
– Nazis? VERY closely protected by cops
– Local cops can’t do the job? Federal cops sent into town to help beat your ass
– When a person is murdered by a white
domestic terrorist? Cops blame the victim
– If you protest this? Cops will deploy chemical weapons on citizens, then beat your ass
– Hold the cops accountable? They beat your ass harder (or look the other way while someone else does it)
– Protest this injustice in any way?
You are an anti-government extremist and a threat to our “great” nation’s safety
– Legitimate terror threat of White Supremacist anti-government extremists plotting to kill PoC, cops, etc? Equated to Antifa, which (see above, is now equated with all the rest of you)
– “Centrists” are now 2016’s hardcore republicans
– Fuck centrists (and republicans)
– A former disgraced, corrupt, General has taken an oath to serve an online conspiracy theory, called out as a domestic terrorism threat by the FBI in 2019
Step back from present circumstances for just a moment.You are witnessing the normalization of militarized police and attempt to install a fascist, police state.PoC have systemically & routinely been discriminated against for the last 400 years.

When they try to “give something back” (a concession) – think about how it should be. Don’t be satisfied with the concession.

Do not accept their fascist compromises. Do not follow their rules because “they said so”.

Stand up for your fellow human. Stand up for yourself.

Stand up for your family. Stand up for your community.

Many people in this country are ignoring what is taking place around them. It’s easier that way for them…right now. This is inconvenient. It is easy to buy the propagandized lies broadcast on major corporate networks like

Fox News.

Fox. Previously one of the furthest right / conservative stations on air. Now seemingly? Not far enough right for Trump.

People listen to this and manage to accept the narrative that we are being “whiny little children”. We’re disrupting their ignorant existence.

GOOD. Looks like shell shock is the only thing that’s going to pull you out of the fake reality that they’ve sold you, and you’ve consumed.

Do not settle. Do not tolerate what is happening in the United States (and more globally) right now.

Don’t let them lie. Hold them to account.

We must hit the reset button. We must defund & abolish the police.

The system is so broken, we cannot allow those who have been cops to be cops again.

Cops should not have chemical weapons. They shouldn’t have “Crowd control” munitions

If you have a crowd, that pissed off, you should be listening clearly – because those people – us – we – we pay them to do this. We need to stop funding.

Being a cop shouldn’t be a badge of honor. It should be shamed.

Shame every cop you know. On duty, off duty, doesn’t matter.

Being a cop should embarrass you. It’s a dark, dirty secret you should seek counseling for. Quit first.

Now, picture 4 years ago… 8… Things were still really bad. You just might not have noticed, because it wasn’t in your face.

Funny what the smell of tear gas can do.

Do not accept compromise. Accept their surrender to the peoples’ terms. This is our country. It’s currently an atrocity.

If you haven’t watched this already, it’s from 2017 and IMO, well worth everyone’s time.