American Nationalist Movement – Facebook Presence

American Nationalist Movement – Admins, Members, Posts in both image & PDF format, here.

Contents: Publicly available and sourced info, including Friends, Followers, Group Members and Admins from Racist Facebook page “American Nationalist Movement”

Pages included:

Context for data drop:

Frequently, we see things we wish we didn’t have to. Unfortunately, it’s necessary. Especially now.

Here is a community notice posted by someone who did some damn good due-diligence. They noticed a Facebook group of the “American Nationalist Movement”.Image

Antisemitism, furthering hate toward George Soros, hate based on country of origin in comments of #2, #3 trying to doxx leftists for calling out white supremacy, #4 – clearly symbolic of civil war / white separatism.ImageImageImageImage
Many of the more recent posts made by the Facebook account James Blackmon (undoubtedly a pseudonym), but followup needed – the account is relatively bare and locked down, with some hateful imagery that clearly violates FB TOS…

Antisemitism in the guise of an argument to keep the slave statues up. How cute.

Shared by Michael Freeze, (Chris Adair seems to be the one piping the content into the ANM page)…

Back to the AMN main page, Confederate flags flying, hateful propagandized “articles” from far-right outlets, antisemitic/racist stonetoss cartoons & more anti-George Soros (who if you read Breitbart, you’d think was solely behind both Antifa and BLM).ImageImageImageImage
Mocking protestors who were the victims of a vehicle attack in Seattle, WA (FB allows the content posted, with a warning…see the hateful comments below), racist, confederate flag covered pro-white propaganda. Take a look at that last meme. Straight from the alt-rightImageImageImage
Some terrible and false perspective on socialism and Hi**er.
The American Nationalist Network page has two moderators. Aaron Bassford and Donald Draper.

Aaron Bassford

Donald Draper

Ultimately I’d blame Facebook, ESP these two, and the individual posters for the content shared here.ImageImageImage

Donald seems to share a “bit more” of himself than most.

Donald also may be a pseudonym from “Mad Men”, and claims he is from Marysville, Washington.

What he didn’t make up are the photos, tattoos, & esp pics of him in-uniform as a member of the US Military.ImageImage

Here’s more of Donald.
“Gym, bro?”

Seems “Donald” has friends in Seattle, but in 2018 was sending weather reports from Fort Hood, Texas.ImageImageImageImage

Seahawks fan (his hat tho), Likes gaming and sharing things about “Master Race” (OOPS)ImageImageImageImage
I’m going with @usairforce. Seems super-proud of his “White” heritage. Great to know the military has members like “Donald”. No wonder that Army Private flew under the radar selling intel to O9A, right before getting arrested & charged for trying to murder his entire platoon.ImageImageImageImage
Number three is for pure irony’s sake.ImageImageImage
Now, back to Aaron. His friend, calls it pretty well in the comments.ImageImageImageImage
MAGA2020… shocker. Happy Friday the 13th…what’s on that paperwork, hmm?ImageImageImage
Aaron has a relatively locked down profile. Doesn’t list a state of residence, or give away a ton on his @Facebook profile.

If you look at the sweatshirt in the background, it says “Leota lions”, which would put Aaron in the Woodinville, WA area. Guessing he knows “Donald” well.Image

To come soon, we’ve taken the liberty of downloading all group admins and members of this shit-show “American Nationalist Network” Facebook page, as well as those of their two “Admins”, to ensure they don’t just disappear and re-brand.