Fascism in the United States – July 5th, 2020

Welcome to 2020. The over ton window has shifted: – Racism & bigotry mainstream? They’re not hiding anymore. – Leftists? Terrorists or commies. – Democrats? Responsible for world hunger – #BlackLivesMatter? Uh, “Antifa terrorists” ???? – PoC with guns? Black Panthers. – White Supremacy? Openly embraced by government officials – Cops? Expected to attack and beat …

May 2020 – News Updates

5/22 – AtomWaffen Division Leader Kaleb Cole wants out of jail after letting Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh take the rap for some of his federal gun charges. You can shut off the lights, Kaleb. 5/22 – Former SC teacher accused of hate group ties may be linked to more social media posts